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Power up your audit of fixed assets

Power up your audit of fixed assets

Frontman Find functions as a data transmitter between a barcode reader and an accounting or ERP program. It enables electronic fixed asset inventory by location, cost centre, assigned persons and serial numbers.

Electronic fixed asset audit
by location, cost centre, assigned persons, and serial numbers.
Adding new locations
and fixed assets, or renaming, renumbering, and moving the existing ones.
Simple data transmission to the ERP system
and compliance with the majority of accounting programs.
Real-time inventory results
that enable simultaneous data editing.
Overview of inventory history
with provided fixed assets traceability.
Rich statistics and reports
by individual inventories, as well as he ability to export to MS Excel.
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Frontman Find also in the cloud

With Frontman Find, different types of installations are possible. The software may be installed on a desktop computer, on a server or used as a cloud service.

Barcode readers to rent

Depending on your needs, you can purchase or rent barcode readers. Smaller companies can also use mobile applications installed on their smart phones and use smart phones as barcode readers.

Free upgrades with support contract

Support contract or annual rental package includes free upgrades to the latest version and transmission of assets between locations or users any time of the year.

For fast and accurate fixed assets audit

For fast and accurate fixed assets audit

With Frontman FIND you can quickly and accurately audit your fixed assets using mobile devices. Download the mobile app from Google play and test it yourself. Mobile app does include demo data right away. Enjoy!


Try Frontman FIND out yourself

Frontman FIND has got everything you need for a smooth, error-free and fast electronic fixed asset. Try it out yourself as personal experience matters the most.

Get started – it's free

Get started – it's free

Access a free trial, import data from your ERP system and see how Frontman FIND works. In order to make the most out of the 14 day trial you can test the full Frontman FIND solution with your own own data.  

Wondering how the app looks like?

Wondering how the app looks like?

By watching this short video you will come accross the majority of use cases: how can you add new fixed asset, check the analytics and see how you can manage your comittee.

Why Frontman FIND should be your first choice

Most popular system in Adriatic region
500 +
Successful instalations worlwide
30 +
Years of experiences
10 +
Engineers in our own R&D hub

Optimize your audit with state of the art products

Improve inventory efficiency with advanced readers, technologically sophisticated printers and affordable supplies.

Mobile terminals

Mobile terminals

Advanced portable terminals provide a more efficient inventory as they can be installed in different locations. They can read barcode or RFID badges.

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Barcode readers

Barcode readers

Various types of barcode readers make the inventory faster, as they can be easily moved between fixed assets.

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You can buy or rent a state of the art printers from leading manufacturers worldwide. We provide service, support and all necessary supplies.

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We provide labels and ribbons for all types of printers and readers available.

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Customer stories

What do our customers have to say?

Successfully completed projects and satisfied clients prove that our solutions are customized to help you transform into fully digital fixed assets inventory management.

"The audit with terminals is faster - we have two terminals, one is in use, the other is being filled up, the audit comitee can change smoothly, and the next morning we already have all the information stored in our accounting system.

The administration of the Municipality of Kamnik manages about 200 sites and 4,500 fixed assets located at various work sites: in a municipal building, a museum, a fire station, at a bus station ... Due to the large number of locations and fixed assets, the inventory presented a challenge mainly from the point of view of managing inventory comitee and data collection in one place. 

Due to the time-consuming inventory and the need for accurate inventory results (more than 10,000 fixed assets), Elektro Ljubljana decided to adequately support the inventory of fixed assets and to introduce a bar code.

Elektro Ljubljana is the largest electricity distribution company in Slovenia, providing services for maintenance, management and development of the electricity network in central Slovenia and employs more than 800 people.

Since the introduction of Frontman FIND, the inventory speed has increased tenfold. Information support for the inventory of Lek's assets provides high productivity of enumerators and better management of fixed assets.

At audit of fixed assets implemented in 2013 , a global pharmaceutical company Lek Sandoz had approximately 46,000 fixed assets in all locations, including its three subsidiaries in Slovenia. Before introducing a new IT solution for the audit of fixed assets, Lek's audit comitee numbered 60 people, and now only 6

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