Management of fixed assets in Elektro Ljubljana

Management of fixed assets in Elektro Ljubljana

Elektro Ljubljana is the largest electricity distribution company in Slovenia, providing services for maintenance, management and development of the electricity network in central Slovenia and employs more than 800 people.

The challenge

It operates in many geographically dispersed locations and has more than 10,000 units of fixed assets. In such a large company, managing fixed assets is extremely demanding, and its effectiveness depends to a large extent on technological support, speed and accuracy of annual inventories. They use a dedicated module within the business information system to manage their  fixed assets and annual audiste were performed manually, based on paper printouts.

Due to the time consuming manual audit and the need for accurate results, Elektro Ljubljana decided to digitalize the process of auditing their assets with state of the art IT solution and introduction on barcodes.

The solution

Elektro Ljubljana has selected Spica's solution "Frontman FIND Assets to perform the audit using barcode.

Frontman FIND runs on Motorola MC9000 portable readers and PCs. It is connected to the module for managing material assets within the Elektro business information system, which enables the management of fixed assets by parameters such as the fixed asset type, owner and location. The data are transferred to portable readers before the inventory of assets at each location, and after the inventory is finished, the data are transferred back to the information system for final report.


  • A drastic drop in the number of comitee members
  • Drastic decline in the amount of audit errors
  • Establishment of a system for easy identification of fixed assets that enables complete control over them
  • Substantial improvement in time needed for implementation of audits

“With the system for inventory of fixed assets we accelerated the processes, reduced labor costs and costs of managing fixed assets.” Matjaž Osvald, Advisor to the Management Board of Elektrika Slovenia